My name is Anna Fay, but you can call me Sunshine. I’m a twenty-something from Cascadia, the ecologique Anarchist stronghold of the Pacific Northwest (of North America). In December of 2012 I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from the University of Oregon. I attended the U of O as a Diversity Excellence Scholar and recipient of the Carol Ann Cole journalism scholarship. For three and a half years in Eugene, Oregon I worked at the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides, a non-profit geared towards pesticide use prevention. In my free time I volunteered as a peer-to-peer English tutor for Arab students.

In 2010 I completed an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree from Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon. While at Chemeketa I worked with students with disabilities and held positions as reporter and copy editor at the Chemeketa Courier, the school’s weekly newspaper. For two years I was active in the Associated Students of Chemeketa (ASC) the school’s student government. There I worked as the Civic Engagement Coordinator’s assistant, as well as held the titles of Academics Representative and Public Relations for the ASC. With the ASC I organized and produced a wide range of events from weekly ‘Pizza & Politics’, to candidate debates and forums, voter registration drives and I began an annual Earth Day recycled fashion show.

Since earning a B.A. I have been on the road, traveling and learning on farms abroad and visiting family in SE Asia. When I’m back home side of the Pacific, I dwell and thrive in the countryside and mountains of Cascadia. While in Thailand in January 2013, I received a Permaculture Design Certificate from the internationally esteemed Richard Perkins. This is where I found my calling. It has continued my interested in the political economy of food and agricultural policy; while improving my skill set for natural building and living an off-the-grid lifestyle.

My passion in life is for plants, animals and organic agriculture, raw nutritious food and unspoiled wilderness. The philosophy and ideology of the Cascadian Independence movement is something I hold dear. As a budding Anarchist I believe in community working in mutual aid and the pleasures of a gift economy.

Journalistically I specialize in “DOOM” and the apocalypse: I am active in voicing opposition to capitalism, genetic engineering, clearcut logging, monocultures, destructive dams, open pit mining, mountaintop removal, hydraulic fracturing, agribusiness and the chemical industry, China, corruption, pipeline projects, arctic and deep sea drilling, and pollution of all kinds. (the list goes on…)

I see peace and happiness on a global scale as possible only when materialism and toxic waste are put to rest. All efforts must reset to focus on cleaning up the mess of the past two centuries: in social framework and in the biosphere. I strongly support the conservation of the planet and the circle of life. I am driven to learn and do all that I can to nourish and revitalize the planet by leading a happy healthy regenerative life.

While out and about in the world I am living and loving amongst the tribe of conscious souls. As a fairy of good will, I share all that I can with the people of Babylon who I might happen to meet along the way. I will travel a bit more before planting my roots deep within the land of the free.

Cascadia, you will see. A gypsy life to be. In Love and nature.


Revolutionarily yours,

Anna Fay Sunshine




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