The Sun Hive: experimental Natural Beekeeping

Bio-mimicry: learning from the designs of nature to help work cooperatively with mother earth and all her creatures.


Rak Tamachat Permaculture

For twelve days in January 2013 a beautiful international group convened deep in the countryside of Thailand’s poorest region, Essan, to learn permaculture. Our professor, Richard Perkins is among the crème de la crème in the permaculture world and our days were packed from sunrise to sunset with a flood of valuable knowledge. 

The Permaculture Design certification course covered regenerative living systems for a wide variety of landscapes and climates. It included the application of permaculture principles to food production, home design, construction, energy conservation and generation, and exploring alternative economic structures and legal strategies supporting permaculture solutions applicable worldwide.

Design was the central thread throughout the course. We took part in hands on work as well as in the classroom; community building and communication, planting a forest garden, earthen building and working a meter-wide 18 day compost. Richard reminded us all that we mustn’t be merely ‘sustainable’ on this planet, we must be regenerative to nourish the life of the earth.  You can find out more about Richard at Integral Permanence or follow his seedling project in the works Ridgedale Permaculture in Sweden.

The Ancient City

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The Ancient City is a historical [theme] park conveniently located 33km south-east of central Bangkok. It is shaped resembling the glorious Kingdom of Thailand. The structures are either cultural replicas or re-located and restored buildings. Architecturally stunning, they are placed in the park geographically based upon the region of origin. Visiting and bicycling the Ancient City is a mellow touristic activity which my step-grandmother’s nephew, Art and niece, Anne shared with me in my first visit to Thailand in 2013.